NAME: Christian Poecher DATE OF BIRTH: 05/20/1976
ADDRESS: Raatuse 22-437 NATIONALITY: Austrian
51009 Tartu
TELEPHONE: ++372 53645819 SEX: Male


Jul 2006 -
Mar 2007
University of Tartu, Estonia Master Thesis: "Modeling Grid Applications"
1997-2006 RWTH Aachen, Germany Computer Science (major: Artificial Intelligence, area of application: Buissness Administration)
1996-1997 RWTH Aachen, Germany Physics
1986-1996  Albertus-Magnus Gymnasium, Germany Abitur (Final grade: 2.5)
Won prize for best chemistry student of the year.


Jul 2006 -
Mar 2007
Chair of Distributed Computing, University of Tartu, Estonia
Master Thesis Worker ("Modeling Grid Applications")
Skills gained:
  • programming Java and Fortran
  • using MPI to build distributed programs
  • using Web Services extensivly (Axis)
  • using UML and Refactorings
  • knowledge about Grids
  • inter-cultural skills
Sep 2003 -
Dez 2005
Schluer Consulting, Stolberg, Germany
Web Developer/Database Administrator
Skills gained:
  • programming in J2EE
  • working with Eclipse
  • using Hibernate O/R-mapper
  • using MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers
  • using and extending OpenCMS
  • customizing the OpenCMS Lucene search module
  • evaluating commercial CRM systems
  • developing a web-based CRM in a highly agile project
  • installing and configuring the OpenCRX CRM system
  • administrating webservers (mixed Suse and Debian)
  • interacting with clients by phone and physically
Oct 2000 -
Aug 2003
Icom GmbH/Heliograph GmbH, Engert & Partner Gruppe, Aachen, Germany
Skills gained:
  • extended knowledge in Java
  • working with JBuilder and Forte IDEs
  • using UML, JUnit unit testing facilities and object-oriented software patterns
  • programming in Tcl/Tk and Perl
  • programming the Visualisation Toolkit (VTK)
  • various 3D-file formats and converting them
  • object-oriented, object-relational and relational database management systems
  • working on deadlines
  • interacting with clients
Sep 1999 -
Oct 2000
Soptim GmbH, Aachen, Germany
Skills gained:
  • programming in VBA
  • working with MS Access
  • working on deadlines
  • working with a team in a large project
Oct 1998 -
Sep 1999
Department of Computer Science 3, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Skills gained:
  • programming in Java and C
  • using versioning tool CVS
  • graph theory


  • cooking
  • everything in the nature (e.g. swimming, hiking, biking)
  • caring about the future
  • socializing
  • drinking tea ;-)


  • clean driving license
  • fluently English (DAAD certificate available), basic Estonian
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer
  • Java expert (9 yrs.), UML (7 yrs.), SQL (8 yrs.), J2EE (2 yrs.), JSP (2 yrs.), Hibernate (2 yrs.), OpenCMS (2 yrs.), Web Services (1 yr.)
  • additional skills in Fortran, C++, VBA, HTML, Tcl/Tk, Perl, PHP
  • Eclipse, CVS, SVN, ant, JUnit, Together
  • MS Office, OpenOffice, LaTeX, Visio, MS Project
  • Mac OS X (preferred), DOS, Windows, Unix
Last Update: 01/02/2007